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Second Face

  • Because the Shroud of Turin is a religious object, believed by many to be the burial shroud of Jesus, and because scientists and historians have yet to prove or disprove its authenticity, it is controversial and interesting.

    Until recently skeptics had the upper hand in debates about the Shroud's authenticity. No more!

    A must read:

    New 2005 Shroud of Turin Brouhaha: Science vs Papal Custodian

    1) Finding a second face on the back of the Shroud of Turin in 2004, 2) discovering Madder root dyestuff and splices in the carbon 14 sample site thus invalidating the C14 dating, and 3) realizing that the images may have been formed by a Maillard chemical reaction between amines from a body and a polysaccharide residue on the cloth are having profound implications in the study of the Shroud of Turin. All this is sobering news for those who want the images to be proof of a resurrection just as it is sobering for skeptics of authenticity.

    A short forensic science essay gives another perspective:

    Forensic Science CSI - Quest to Explain the Pictures of Jesus on the Shroud of Turin